This has been one of my favorite Ed interviews for a while now

unfortunately the lead radio host, Kidd Kraddick (the guy who does most of the talking with Ed) passed away today unexpectedly



Belly porn.


Ed sheerans accent though i’m crying 

this is great

Title: ed's love for you
Artist: ed sheeran
Played: 7973 times

ed sheeran telling you how much he loves you in a very.. powerful way



First performance of A Team…

HAHAH oh my 

Ed Sheeran in Baltimore 1/29/13
Ed: *waves water bottle around in a circle above his head* Shhhh. Now the first time I saw this song done was by guy called Jamie Woon, please check him out. This is a traditional American folk song, and I'm doing it with this mic and this pedal, and probably the guitar at some point. Hope you like it. This is about as quiet as this gig keep it shum and it'll sound beautiful...thank you.
Crowd: [silent]
2 girls in crowd: I LOVE YOU ED!
Guy in crowd: SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Ed: Woah! Woah, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.
Crowd: [laughs]
Ed: *points at the perpetrators* *holds up 2 fingers* (in a sassy voice) Two things! If you do love me, you'd keep shum! AND. Stroking, man! Come on! Where's the stroking?! *puts hands up*
Crowd: [now laughing hysterically]
Ed: Come on! You see, like, I've been in gigs before, and it's been quiet, you feel angry! But if you just stroke someone and just... *acts out stroking motion* ...yeah so. Although I appreciate the outburst...shhhh.
Ed: And if you can't reach them, just send a stroke down the line.
Crowd: [dying of laughter]
Ed: Shhhh. *shakes head and chuckles*